A recent media perspective on C2N Diagnostics

April 1, 2011, Healthcare Digital

A new series from HEC-TV showcases the role of C2N's technology in exploring questions about the origins of Alzheimer's Disease

C2N is an emerging biomarkers company out of the St. Louis region. The company serves as a good example of the contributions that start-up companies can provide to society based on important technologies developed within the laboratories of academic centers.

The Link below is an innovations program that the Higher Education Channel out of St. Louis just recently televised.


The fourth segment of the show (beginning at 20 mins 35 secs) covers Dr. Randall Bateman's (one of C2N's two scientific co-founders) Alzheimer's research work at Washington University, along with work that is ongoing at C2N. C2N is commercializing a suite of biomarkers that intend to speed the development of therapeutics and diagnostics for serious disorders affecting the central nervous system and cognition.